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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty in Melbourne

Cosmetic Medicine

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty in Melbourne

What is a non surgical nose job

The nose is a very common area of client dissatisfaction. A lot of us are unhappy with our noses, but we are not keen to undergo a very invasive procedure with a long downtime and significant post-procedure pain to correct it.

Thankfully, there is an alternative that can change your life! A much less invasive option is to undergo a non surgical rhinoplasty.

A non surgical nose job is a highly specialised procedure that only a few practitioners are able to offer in Melbourne. It is an effective way to correct asymmetries or lumps on the nose, or to change its shape slightly, for example, lifting the tip. The results of a nose reshaping treatment are long-lasting yet not permanent, which allows for the flexibility of making any minor adjustments down the track.

How Does It Work

Depending on your desired results, there are two different ways to perform a non surgical rhinoplasty:

  • With the use of HA dermal fillers (injectable rhinoplasty)
    This is the preferred method to reduce the appearance of a nose hump, correct small asymmetries or lift the tip of the nose.
  • With the use of Hico PDO threads (threads nose lift)
    This is the preferred method to enhance the sharpness of the dorsum of the nose, make the nose look thinner or lift the tip of the nose

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What to expect during the procedure

After a comprehensive assessment and discussions about the pros, cons and potential risks of the procedure, a personalised treatment plan will be created, designed to achieve your desired results. A decision will be made if it is better to use PDO threads or nose job fillers, according to your personal preferences. Generally, both procedures take about 15 minutes to perform, but this time can vary based on the complexity of your personalised procedure.

At the beginning of your procedure, the area will be cleaned and marked. The specific steps of the procedure will then depend on the method chosen.

If using HA (hyaluronic acid) nose job fillers:
Small amounts of HA filler will be deposited using a very thin injection, administered to specific parts of the nose according to your personalised treatment plan.

An injectable rhinoplasty can be personalised in a number of ways:

  • Treatment area: Depending on the individual’s specific concerns and goals, the filler can be injected into different areas of the nose to achieve the desired results. For example, filler can be used to smooth out bumps on the bridge of the nose, lift the tip of the nose, or correct asymmetry.
  • Filler amount: The amount of filler used can be customised based on the individual’s specific needs and goals. Some individuals may require more filler than others to achieve the desired results.
  • Injection technique: The injection technique used can also be customised based on the individual’s specific needs and goals. For example, a skilled injector can use different techniques to create a subtle, natural-looking result or a more dramatic transformation.
  • Facial anatomy: Each individual’s facial anatomy is unique, and the filler can be tailored to complement your natural features and achieve overall facial harmony.

If using PDO threads:
A small amount of local anaesthetic will be applied on the tip of the nose. Then, a small entry point will be performed on the sites in which the local anaesthetics was applied. Threads will then be inserted either aiming at the dorsum or the base of the nose, depending on your desired results.

Non surgical rhinoplasty procedures with PDO threads are personalised in various ways:

  • Thread type: There are several types of PDO threads available for a non-surgical nose job, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. The type of thread used can be personalised based on the individual’s needs, skin type, and desired results.
  • Thread placement: PDO threads can be placed in different areas of the nose to achieve the desired results. For example, threads can be placed to lift the tip of the nose, straighten the bridge of the nose, or correct asymmetry.
  • Thread length: The length of the PDO threads used can be customised based on the individual’s specific needs and goals. Longer threads can provide more lift and support, while shorter threads can be used for more subtle changes.
  • Number of threads: The number of PDO threads used can be personalised based on your desired results. Some individuals may require more threads than others to achieve the best results.
  • Facial anatomy: Each individual’s facial features are unique, and treatment with PDO threads can be personalised to suit each client.
  • Combination with other treatments: A non surgical nose job using PDO threads can be combined with other treatments, such as dermal fillers, to achieve the desired results. The best combination of treatments can be discussed during a consultation.

Non surgical Rhinoplasty 06, Essence Cosmetic Medicine

Results and aftercare

There is virtually no downtime for either of the procedures. On rare occasions you may experience some redness, swelling or bruising, which can last for a few days.

Results with both modalities are immediate!! You will have a new nose in 15 minutes, however it’s important to allow time for any initial swelling to subside before assessing the results fully.

Results normally last for around 12-15 months for both options. Multiple sessions are not necessary, and one session only is needed to have the results desired, however maintenance treatments will be necessary to maintain your results in the longer term.

You will receive a list of recovery instructions tailored to the details of your customised procedure steps, personal needs and individual lifestyle factors. It is important to follow these closely as they will help to see the best results and to minimise any possible side effects.

Generally, the aftercare steps that you can expect to follow can include to:

  • Avoid rubbing or applying pressure to the treated area for at least 24 hours after the procedure
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and excessive heat exposure for at least 24 hours after the procedure
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or taking blood-thinning medications for at least 24 hours after the procedure
  • Apply cold compresses to the treated area to help reduce swelling and bruising
  • Sleep with your head elevated on two pillows for at least two nights after the procedure to help reduce swelling
  • Avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses that rest on the nose for at least two weeks after the procedure
  • Keep injection or entry points clean as instructed to avoid infection
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for at least 24 hours after the procedure, as sun exposure and heat can increase swelling and bruising
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding salty foods for at least 24 hours after the procedure, as salt can cause the body to retain water, which can increase swelling
  • Do not wear makeup or use any skincare products on the treated area for at least 24 hours after the procedure
  • Avoid facial massages or any facial treatments for at least two weeks after the procedure
  • Avoid blowing your nose or sneezing forcefully for at least two weeks after the procedure, as this can disrupt the healing process and cause the filler to shift

Injectable nose job 07, Essence Melbourne

Costs of a non surgical Rhinoplasty at Essence Clinic Melbourne

The costs of an injectable rhinoplasty or PDO threads nose job at Essence Cosmetic Medicine can vary from patient to patient, as we personalise each of our treatments as much as possible to create the ideal results for each individual.

Your personal treatment costs can depend on the method used, the amount of either HA nose filler or PDO thread used, and the complexity of the treatment steps, which can influence the total treatment time.

All of these factors can be thoroughly discussed during your consultation prior to your treatment, during which we will also be able to provide you with a personalised quote, based on your preferences. At Essence, we will always aim to create the best treatment plans possible for every individual, with the goal to achieve the results you want.

Side effects and risks

As with any treatment, there are some potential risks associated with a non surgical nose job. Generally, allergic reactions are very rare for either method. Infections at the injection sites or entry points can also occur, but are uncommon and can be prevented by following our aftercare instructions.

Further risks and complications will depend on the modality used:

  • An injectable rhinoplasty with HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers:
    This is a particularly dangerous area to inject with dermal nose filler. This treatment has been associated in the literature with permanent blindness, necrosis of the nose (tissue death with permanent and irreversible scaring). IF these happen, you may need further treatments to correct these complications, such as skin grafts or flap repairs. However, you can minimise the chance of these side effects occurring by carefully selecting a qualified injector at a reliable clinic.
  • A non surgical nose job with PDO threads:
    The risks associated with the use of PDO threads are fewer and less severe than with the use of HA fillers, however, thread extrusion, foreign body reaction, infections, thread sticking out/being felt/visible all have been reported and can be a major nuisance. If these occur, you may need to see a plastic surgeon to have it corrected and may need further surgical interventions. Keep in mind that the chance of these complications occurring is why it is so important to choose a qualified injector at the right clinic.


Is a non surgical Rhinoplasty with nose filler painful?

Regardless of the decision of using HA or PDO threads, non surgical Rhinoplasty is only typically regarded as mildly painful. If PDO threads are used, pain can last for a few days or weeks. If HA fillers are used, no pain should be experienced after the procedure.

How long do results last?

Generally, results from both methods can last for about 12 to 15 months, but it van vary for each patient. Dermal nose filler will slowly become metabolised by the body overtime, and PDO threads are biodegradable, meaning they will also slowly become absorbed by the body with time.

How many treatments will I need?

Usually, to achieve your desired results, you actually only need one treatment! However, if you want to maintain your new nose in the long term, you will need top-up treatments. Depending on how long your results last, you only need these maintenance treatments about once per year.

Why chose Essence Cosmetic Medicine

Although it is a less invasive option than surgical Rhinoplasty, a non surgical nose job with nose filler or PDO threads is a particularly complicated treatment which requires a lot of expertise, which you can find at Essence Cosmetic Medicine.

Injectable rhinoplasty treatments can go especially wrong and cause very unnatural results and serious complications, such as lack of blood supply to a certain area, causing necrosis, blindness and other permanent injuries.

As for PDO nose reshaping, there are only a handful of practitioners that are properly qualified and trained to perform the procedure. One of them is Dr Lucas de Siqueira, who not only performs, but teaches the best way to perform the treatments. So, it is particularly important to choose your injector wisely if you are considering a non surgical Rhinoplasty!

During a consultation, you will have the space to discuss all of your aesthetic goals, preferences and any concerns about your treatment openly, in a supportive environment. Our highly experienced and friendly team will closely consider the individual factors that will guide them to create a tailored treatment plan, designed to achieve the results you want.

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All pictures are illustrative only. More than one modality of treatment might have been used in conjunction with non-surgical rhinoplasty. Results may vary from individuals and you might not get results as good as the ones depicted here. To see if non-surgical rhinoplasty or other treatments would be ideal for you, we recommend you to make an appointment for a cosmetic consultation with Dr Lucas de Siqueira.

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