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In pursuit of better well-being.

Essence by definition is the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality or qualities that serve to characterise or identify something; the most important part or aspect of something.

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Beauty within Medicine

Cosmetic Clinic in Melbourne

The experienced team at Essence Healthcare provide a tailored approach to patient care. We believe every patient is unique and deserves a level of care that goes above and beyond.

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How can we help?

Take a look at the wide range of treatment areas we provide here at Essence Healthcare. There's something for everyone!

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Male model 01-2 for skin cancer treatments, Essence Healthcare Clinic Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer

Essence Healthcare cosmetic medicine Clinic, model 01-2 Cosmetic Medicine

Cosmetic Medicine

Essence women's health clinic in Melbourne, model 01-2 Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Weight management & hormone therapy 01-4, Essence Healthcare Clinic Melbourne Weight Management & Hormone Therapy

Weight Management & Hormone Therapy

GP in Melbourne, Essence Healthcare, models 01-2 General Practice

General Practice

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Meet the team

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Acclaimed Professional care.

The Essence Healthcare team offer a wide variety of services, paired with extensive experience and qualifications. We pride ourselves on offering the most distinctive medical and cosmetic care in Melbourne. Our team consists of industry leaders, who are able to provide the very highest level of service and care to patients.

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Our values



We value honest and ethical interactions with colleagues and patients.



We encourage active collaboration and shared decision making between patients, families, and providers.



We believe we are responsible for creating a respectful work environment for our team members; and a place where all our patients feel welcomed and cared for.


Self value/self worth

Often we forget how valuable and worthy we are! One of our goals at Essence Healthcare is to bring out the best in us and bringing these feelings back to all our patients and staff members so we always remember how special each of us are.



A basic principle in Medicine but too often forgotten due to ego or arrogance - we believe that our basic essence as medical practitioners is to help and bring health, welfare and happiness to others and we strive to promote this.

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Anti wrinkle injections at Essence Healthcare Clinic Melbourne, model 01

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti wrinkle injections are currently the most commonly performed medical procedure in the world. And for good reason. It has been used in medicine for over 30 years and have been proven to have an amazing safety profile. It is a simple, low cost, low complication and low risk method to target unwanted wrinkles and combat signs of ageing.

As we age, the recurrent contraction of facial muscles cause formation of wrinkles. As the skin ages and loses its elasticity, these wrinkles become what we call static wrinkles, which are present even without any facial expression. These are normally undesired wrinkles and make us look older and sometimes gives us an unmatching semblance which does not correlate to our mood or affect, eg: looking angry all the time due to frown lines.

This can be addressed with the use of anti wrinkle injections.

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Non surgical butt lift in Melbourne, model 01-2, Essence Healthcare

Non-Surgical Butt Lift

Butt lifts have rapidly become a very popular treatment all over the world. Unfortunately, there is still a significant amount of downtime associated with most types of butt lifting procedures, such as BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift / Fat transfer) and implants.

A non-invasive and minimal downtime way to achieve a perkier and tighter bum is having a non-surgical butt lift.

This consists of injecting biostimulating fillers on the buttocks, which will gradually help transform your butt, giving it more volume and shape, and reducing the cellulite.

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Dermal Fillers Treatment in Melbourne

Dermal Fillers

With the advent of dermal fillers we discovered a way to keep looking youthful for longer! It consist on the injection of a substance in or under the skin which promote a volume enhancement on the injected area and restoring what age has taken from us.

At Essence Healthcare we pride ourselves for providing natural results and bringing out the best version of yourself, without giving you the overfilled look. Essence healthcare is not your average cosmetic injecting clinic. We are an excellence cosmetic center and only count with expert injectors that have been through expert training with Dr Lucas de Siqueira and have been in the industry for long time. As a consequence, all our injectors have an expert understanding of facial aesthetics and anatomy and are able to achieve optimal results.

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We Answer Your Most Asked Questions About Lip Fillers

10 July 2024

5 Common Questions About Lip Fillers Navigating the realm of lip fillers often prompts a flurry of questions and apprehensions. Addressing these concerns isn't merely about dispelling fears; it's about empowering you with knowledge and reassurance. Essence Healthcare Melbourne provides expertise in natural lip fillers, offering not just treatments but a holistic approach to lip enhancement. Have questions? We’ve got you covered, access reliable guidance and information on safe procedures right here. What Imperfections Can Lip Fillers Correct? Natural lip fillers offer a versatile solution for correcting various imperfections, addressing concerns such as thin lips, asymmetry, and lack of volume with remarkable efficacy. For those with naturally thin lips, fillers can provide a subtle yet noticeable enhancement, restoring balance and proportion to the face. Moreover, asymmetry, a common issue where one lip may be fuller or higher than the other, can be skillfully corrected through strategic placement of filler,...

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